Dental Spa

Imagine soaking your feet in rose petal-infused water and sipping on delicious organic juice while calming music lulls you into deep relaxation. You’re feeling completely relaxed, rejuvenated, and refreshed. You probably feel this way after an amazing day at the spa. Now imagine feeling this way during a trip to the dentist. This is what spa dentistry and Lumina Dental Spa are all about and it’s not just for celebrities!

When it comes to the unique art form of spa dentistry, unexpected details make a world of difference. Have you ever had a dentist apply hydrating cream to your lips so they don’t dry out during a cleaning? How about a personal TV and headphones with a wide selection of movies to watch while you’re in the chair? Or a warm towel to freshen up with after a filling? If your dentist is a spa dentist, like Lumina Dental Spa, every visit could feel like pure paradise.

Lumina Dental Spa is Houston’s #1 spa dentistry facility. We believe healthy teeth and gums shouldn’t have to come at the expense of a patient’s comfort. We blend expert dentist care with state-of-the-art equipment and traditional dentist services all while providing our patients an exceptional experience. Call today to book your appointment and you’ll learn how it feels to actually look forward to your next office visit!