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Your Natural Teeth are a Priceless Asset – Restore Them Back to Beauty with Dental Crowns

The dentists of Houston’s Lumina Dental Spa understand that tooth loss is the LAST thing you ever want to experience! That’s why our primary goal is helping you achieve optimal dental health, while saving you from painful tooth loss.

Dental crowns (also known as “dental caps” or “tooth crowns”) are one of our most popular dental treatment options. Made of porcelain and designed to perfectly imitate the shape and color of your natural teeth, a crown covers and encases a damaged tooth, and becomes the tooth’s new outer surface. The result is a strengthened tooth that looks indistinguishable from its neighboring teeth.

If your teeth are broken, cracked, chipped or decayed, dental crowns may be an ideal treatment for you. Crowns are durable, natural-looking, and allow damaged teeth to be restored back to their natural usefulness and beauty. Best of all, no one will ever be able to tell you have them!

At Lumina Dental Spa, our dedicated cosmetic and restorative dentists, Dr. Morency, Dr. Timm and Dr. Nguyen are expertly trained and experienced to restore your teeth back to their original beauty.

We believe the best way to care for teeth is through a practical, effective dental care routine. That’s why we strive to help you reach your goals using the most conservative treatment possible.

Our dentists:

  • Take the time to learn about your unique dental concerns
  • Devise a custom plan tailored to your individual needs and goals
  • Use the most advanced dentistry techniques to create durable, beautiful, natural looking crowns that will protect your smile for years to come

Unlike fillings, crowns are not made in your mouth – rather, they’re created in a dedicated laboratory. During your first visit, our dentists will gather information needed to shape and mold a crown that perfectly fits your tooth and entire mouth. Your crown(s) will then be carefully crafted at our lab (usually within 3 weeks). You’ll receive a temporary crown to wear while your permanent crown is being created. Finally, you’ll return to Lumina Dental Spa to have the crown placed and to ensure it’s perfect fit.

Ready to restore your teeth back to beauty? Call our office at 713-523-2328 or email us  for a free consultation to see if crowns are right for you. After visiting Dental Lumina Spa, you’ll LOVE your new smile.